Dan "Life Coach,

Dan Siron is a gifted and brilliantly funny friend of mine, who does a great "World through the eyes of an idiot" podcast in Dublin, Ireland. Originally from Yorkshire - his sense of mischievous fun flows though his hosting and acting. Fellow acerbic witted Dubliner - Sue Kirk, joined us when I was last in Dublin to help us answer Dan's listeners' questions. With less than helpful (but funny) results!!!!

Check Dan's podcasts here : http://dansiron.co.uk

Democratic Unionist Party of the Republic of Ireland

Interview as "Brian O'Neill" one of the founders of the radical (and satirical) political party the DUP.ie - with the incomparable Niall Boylan, on his late night talk show on Classic Hits 4fm. In the real sense of  life imitating art - what began as a Web TV series satirizing the Irish Political Systems, became a very real proposition.....with many so fed up of the corrupt establishment they would support the notion of closer ties to the UK and others not so supportive... and a few death threats along the way...

Check Niall's controversial and popular show on http://classichits.ie/on-air/shows/niall-boylan/

RTE (Irish National Radio). Two Radio sketches put to visuals based on (very!) Late Night RTE Radio. Based on actual Radio shows (Okay I was imagining The War of the Worlds revealed by the very very monotone late night radio weather forecaster)  as the End of the World (Or the Second Coming depending how optimistic / nuts, you may be). The other skit is just taking the mick out of radio host Philip King.