What does Liam Alex Heffron stand for?

These years of human endeavour are seeing changes on a massive scale. Technologies like the internet have created whole new cultural, work and life enterprises that have never been seen or even conceived of before. Coupled with our planet facing huge challenges of Climate Change, Over-Population and Global scale terrorism and inequality and we need 21st century tools and solutions applied now.

However our system of Governance is mired in the 19th century. Our civil service model is based on outmoded Industrial age way of doing business. Our politics is from a pre-Cold War era when communism vied with capitalism for dominance, with a dollop of our own civil war political parties in Ireland thrown in. With a patriarchal EU we have allowed the centralisation of power to subvert democracy - where vested interests of Bondholders and Banks, Multinational companies and faceless, unelected Eurocrats dictate economic policies to small states over the good of their citizens.

Power must come from the People

The Internet is the 21st century revolution that has enabled people to collectively come together on-line and build enterprises, create relationships and achieve solutions without ever meeting physically, in a true collaborative grassroots effort. We now use the internet for banking, networking, entertainment, business with new radical ideas flowering every minute. While using the "cloud computing" services we make everything from ordering a taxi, to filling out farming grant aid forms part of our daily routine. The internet can be argued to be the greatest, changes to occur for generations of Irish people's day to day lives. 

It is through using 21st century technology, like the internet, we can seek to make our lives better, happier and healthier and our politics must be made change radically to reflect that.

Headline Principles

1. The system of local government be radically reformed by replacing county councillors with voluntary elected chairpeople of recognised commuity organisations. Expenses paid - no salaries. 

2. County council and local community decisions are voted on by the registered voters, on line while the elected representatives (of 1 above) become advocates of ideas and the watchdogs of what the executive do on the day to day council activities.

3. High Speed broadband is a public right similar to how electricity and the telephone was brought to rural Ireland, and needs to be implimented as such.

4. Politicians are stripped of power to make appointments to state boards and agencies, instead they are chosen by public procurement processes which are transparent and democratic 

5. Rural Ireland is targeted to be revived through targeted projects and discriminating in favour of businesses there. 

6. Irish Water as it is at present to be abandoned and new prodcedures developed so quangos like that cannot occur again. Also an end of uneconomic & unwelcome Industrial Wind-Farms, fracking and other community & environment damaging projects.

7. State funding must be made transparent & accountable based on the crowd funding principles of internet based organisations. 

8. Promoting the 21st century technology making lawmakers accountable, leglislation transparent and law enactment effective & democratic while ensuring state agencies run more effectively by sharing data, networks and resources in a fair and equitable manner.

9. Renegotating the "bond-holder" debts foisted on the Irish people and  ruling out privatisation of banks without reform