Free tickets for NLP Seminar in LA

Okay, I just finished a pretty great seminar with Matt Brauning and Evolution Seminars - an excellent NLP weekend. While there is a lot of up selling involved (and to the European skeptical mind - pretty OTT) it certainly changed me for the better. It forced me to deal with realities and gave me some neat NLP tools to help me focus on what I want out of life and deal with the stress and disappointments I have been carrying around with me. ( I know poor me…..). I will do more with him and I certainly recommend it especially as I have a couple (literally 2!) extra tickets which I can only give on a first come first serve basis - so click on the link below and see when the next seminar is - and if that suits let me know!!! otherwise you can still avail of my discount by just signing up using this link or click the title above.

And yes it has nothing to do with hot air balloons but I felt there was a tenuous link to a photo taken from my sister’s back garden last year when I was fairly stressed.