Irish Rail shafts Westport train Culchies

Written on a seriously overcrowded 6.15pm train from Dublin to Westport where a pleasantly angry lady from Castlerea (angry with Irish Rail - pleasant to me) passing around a petition - Irish rail shaft West train customers & staff - no notice given of later scheduling of Westport - Dublin train (plus 10 min waiting outside Portarlington) since Monday. All to allow for the new express Cork - Dublin Train. Even local staff not aware.

Now ten min (or in effect 20) has a huge effect on commuters trying to get through Dublin morning traffic and not being given any notice is not just rude but nasty. Hoping it will pass without too much complaint from west of Ireland culchies.

Perhaps Irish Rail didn't know that the new express Cork train was going to delay things ? Only found out themselves a few days before.

"..hello?! Jaysus ! Barry c'mere - I was thinking maybe the Westport train needs a bit of a delay in case it gets in the way of the real train from Cork ... or we could just divert it into the bogs in the Midlands .... Ah no, just thinking that Ming fecker only start screaming about that ... No Maybe just skip a delay in the schedule and say nothing... Twenty min ! sweet lord man! no, might rile the natives - go for ten and then we "delay" the train a bit outside Portarlington ...u'know circumstances beyond our control like .. Dublin traffic? Shure what are them rednecks bothering coming up here anyway. Can't be up to much. Probably just abusing the free travel pass... Delayed in traffic won't matter much to a bunch of geriatrics.... Tell them?! You mad? Have them all on the radio! No if I've learned anything from the past eons of monopoly of the railways is to say nothing and hope it will just go away. The bank holiday is landed and they'll all forget about all this... Yeah I agree Barry be a lot easier if we had the one train. Still we live in hope! See ya - its 4.30 and clock off at 5pm so I should be gone an hour ago!!! ...."