Mayo Historical Research Project

As part of his Masters Degree in that National University of Ireland - Galway (NUIG) Liam has designed a Historical Research Programme to record Local History in Mayo that is in danger of being lost. In particular the oral memories of older people, recording the local songs, poems and stories that are in danger of being lost with the passing of the older generation.

We also seek to raise the awareness of archaeological and historical features in the unique Mayo landscape that are being damaged and destroyed with land, forestry and building development.

The project is interested in hearing from anyone wanting to be involved in this project or who knows of an older person who would like to impart their own remembering of such material. 

Please note that we are NOT looking for expert photographers or polished singers, instead even half remembered rhymes about a local event are work more to our archives than a well known national song or story. 

To get involved as a volunteer  - please contact Liam at email:   or 087 9311666

See the Blanemore Forest Archaeological Walk in Moygownagh, near Ballina as an example of what can be done by local communities developing the historical landscape for amenity and tourist benefit.