Historian & Author

“We had a Mayfly of a Republic, all pitch and promise, but it quickly fell back into the water and carried away broken and dead, and we the worse for it all.”

There were certainly revolutionaries fighting and being fought in North Mayo, during 1917-1923. Their political struggle was also driven by a deep hunger for land and social justice - unleashed by the violent collision between Republicans and the British (and later Free State) authorities. This book examines how a rural corner of the west of Ireland reacted, as the social order was severely threatened, during a unique period of modern Irish history - and whether the result was indeed a 'Revolution'.

"A ground-breaking and superb local study of the War of Independence and Civil War, of such a controversial time in Irish history. Liam's attention to detail, factual research & concise storytelling make 'No Revolution' a riveting read!" - Fr. Brendan Hoban (author)

Liam has also contributed articles to History Ireland and the Vineyard Magazine. He is currently working on his next book titled The Saddest Soldier - telling the tragic story of Capt. Michael Joseph Kelly, a War of Independence and Civil War veteran who also enlisted in the British and American armies. It is due out in 2018.