919 Bastards

We are living through the most profound technological revolution(s) of humankind. No other generation has lived through such a rapid pace of implementation of ideas, of media communications, and global interconnectivity. Within one generation we have jumped from outdoor toilets and horse drawn carts to smartphones and well...indoor toilets...

Whatever your views on the pace and content of technological change, one thing is certain. Politics and Governance have not embraced these advances. In the Western democracies (as evidenced by the rise anti-establishment protests and voter apathy), ordinary people are more and more disengaged with a political process seen as remote, beholden to vested interests, ineffectual, and unaccountable. Pragmatic party-politics dominates, over individual ideas and visionaries. 

In '919 BASTARDS'  Liam Alex Heffron looks at people centred technological achievements in the last ten years and how crowd-funding and on-line communities are democratising our world as never before. From these "Bastard" ideas, Liam proposes to build on the roots of democracy, dragging these ideals into the 21st century of Citzi-Taxes and Crowd Governing. In this 'Post Republican" book - Politicians become advocates, communities regain their autonomy, and citizens (you and me) are the Government. 

Release Date: August 2016. 

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